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Benefiting from<span> 5<br> years </span>experience.

Benefiting from 5

Welcome To UVR Techsol Private Limited

At UVR Techsol, our core strength lies in our highly motivated Fabrication Engineering team. This team brings together a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects.

"Solar Brilliance for a Greener Tomorrow"

Solar renewable energies harness the limitless power of the sun, providing clean, sustainable solutions for a brighter, greener future. From rooftop panels to vast solar farms, we're driving the transition towards a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient world.

1200 +

Successful projects We have installed

55 K-T

55000 Tons CO2 saved by solar installation

450 K

Units Generating in Per Months

30 +

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We are Building a Sustainable Future

Solar EPC
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Planning and Preparation

This initial phase involves defining the objectives, setting goals, and creating a detailed plan. It often includes gathering resources, assembling a team, and outlining the project scope. In this phase, you identify key milestones and create a timeline for the project.

Execution and Implementation

During this phase, the plan is put into action. Tasks are assigned, and the project team carries out the work outlined in the plan. This phase involves close monitoring, communication, and coordination to ensure that the project progresses as intended.

Monitoring and Control

This step involves tracking the project's progress, assessing its performance against the plan, and making necessary adjustments. It includes quality control, risk management, and issue resolution to keep the project on track and within budget.

Completion and Evaluation

In this final phase, the project is completed, and all deliverables are handed over to the client or stakeholders. A thorough evaluation is conducted to assess the project's success, identify lessons learned, and gather feedback for future improvements. Documentation and reporting are also finalized during this step.

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